Thursday, January 26, 2017

We Stand Up for Women of Color!

By: Mekhi

Women need to be treated fairly like every Man in our country. Everybody is the same no matter the GENDER you are the same in our country because women is treated unfairly because of  Trump because he said things to harm women but I think Women need to march to get to be fairly treated.
Women in our country deserve more than our Man in this country Donald J Trump is not for our country and women is a calm Women.  Women was harmed and they don’t deserve that

My love towards Women

I see women fighting and pushing towards tomorrow
But as the men and sons they die they have to always to have sorrow

I will make a better difference because they can’t
Become slaves just like before the chance to read
We never got to make a chance for tomorrow

There are some who can make super heroines
Like these 5
Wonder Women, Rogue, Super Girl, Batgirl, and Ms. Marvel

This is what women are all about they are strong and independent
They will make better changes for our kids and make life matter

This is what can make a better tomorrow
For women and little girls
Show love and peace for your women because they will be gone in a flash

This is towards the women I love and always make different change by telling them
I love them very much

This is from Matt Pierre from New York City, NY 

Why color doesn’t matter for us ladies!!
By: Tamaira Lewis
Women don’t care about their color.

We women want to stand up

Always will stand up.

We have luck to keep us up.

Women don’t need to be abused by others.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Dominican, Hispanic, Asian-American, or Native- American

We should love each other in any way

And I love u to………………

The women of the world can stand!
By: Saphir Watkins
We can stand up for women of color because we all will strive to get to get all that is equal and for human kind.

Men are usually cherished for their accomplishments but what about women?

I am not saying that women should be cherished every day but they should be able to get the rights that they deserve.

We should cherish women because they give life to us all.

They should be equal to us all because we are all human.

Women of Color’s Rights
By: Rasir
Women freedom are very important to people
Women created us and made us
They gave birth to all men and women
They are the future for babies
Women is the phoenix of the universe
I love women because they are important to me
They show us the right way
I hate Donald Trump because he treats woman like trash
He thinks women are monkeys
He does not treat the women like amazing people
I will stand up for women and their rights

Men should treat them way better


By: Ashley Scott

I support woman of color’s march for rights because we should get more respect.

We’ve waited day and night for men and that should change NOW .

We should get just as much respect as men.

Every time I’m in class my teacher says man-made, and I’ve always wondered why, but now I know.

I think it should be human-made not man-made.

Colored woman like Harriet Tubman (whose real name is Arminta, Minty for short) who helped slaves escape from the South to get to the North. Some of the slaves did not go, but she knew she had the right so she helped herself get that right.

I thought I was loved. I am, but not as much as men.


Women of Color
Growing up suppressed, being told that doing something “like a girl” is a weakness, not a strength
Growing up obsessed, with the idea of skinny
Growing up depressed, because you’re not skinny
Growing up distressed, worrying who the next attacker will be and when it will occur
Growing up overdressed, in order to avoid the poisonous words, yet then being told you should “take care of yourself more”
Growing up unaddressed, because there was a white man who did it too and “better”
Stop it. Stop enforcing these thoughts and stop continuing this ugly tradition. Instead
Grow up addressed, and let your presence be known
Grow up caressed, with the love from family and friends
Grow up confessed, admitting that yes, indeed, you did well
Grow up blessed, knowing that you have the same capability and potential as any white woman and white man

Grow up to be a history maker

We Stand Up for Women of Color!
By Adam R.
BLACK Ladies should be treated like white        ladies  
They should be treated like black ladies
They look different from the outside and  same from the inside
Same with Muslim ladies 
Everyone is a person 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

We All Have a Dream!

By Rasir C.
I want to be more friendlier
To be nicer to people.
I want to share with people.
To meet more people.
My dream would be to become president.
I would stop people selling guns.
To do more work.
To always do my paperwork.
To listen more to people.

To not be rude to people.By Nazir W.
I have a dream that one day there will be world peace and no more war
I have a dream that one day America will be a great nation again
I have a dream that  one day my dreams will become true
I had a dream that I could fly
I have a dream that one day we can all be treated as equals
I have a dream that one day there will be no more hungry people freezing in the cold and not having a shelter
I have a dream that one day everyone  could have food in their bellies and a roof over their head
I have a dream that one day I could make a huge difference in someone’s life
I have a dream that everyone could get a great elaborate education.
I have a dream that one day everyone  will be welcome in our country


The Dream for America

The dream for America I decided on is
That everyone needs help for once.
They need help not just because their
Poor or anything like that.
They just need a helping hand.
Let’s think this for a moment
If a person was about to fall off a cliff
What would you do?
Would you stand there or,
Would you save them with a help of a hand.
Donald Trump has been elected for president
Is he really going to save America?
For the better we are
We must stand up for ourselves
And fight back.
For the dreams we dreamed of
To have America good again.
To the music of freedom.
To everything that we believed in.
They must stay by our side.

For the rest of the past.

My Dream for America

By Sarron G-W

My dream for the country is to give it a president. Help people in need. Make sure people have shelter. Get bad people in jail. Help homeless and broke people. Make sure the American flag doesn’t get damaged or ruin. Make sure business doesn’t shut down. Raise money for hospitals. Make sure people don’t die. Make sure people don’t cut down trees for crops. Make sure it doesn’t go back to slavery that is my dream for America.  

I Have a Dream
By Ms. Jane
My dream for America is a loving place,
full of pillows and rainbows and kittens
and meadows and libraries and blue skies,
where every religion celebrates the true spark
of individuality and urgency and vulnerability and truth
that I believe every person is born with.
In my dream for America, the spectrum of gender and love
is as infinite as the spectrum of light, with every variation, visible
and invisible, bright and diverse and abundant as the flowers
that keep us alive.

In my dream for America,
everyone has forgotten the terrible lies
that some people have more
because they ARE more,
that bad things happen to people
who deserve it, that if we are not vigilant enough
anything that befalls us is our doing.

In my dream for America, women and children
are safe and loved and everyone’s body is
his or her own.

A Dream of a Pediatrician, I’m Going to Be One
By Aicha T.

My dream is I want to be a pediatrician.
The country I want it to be in is The United States.
The thing is that Martin Luther King Jr. is also really great.
When I become a pediatrician, I will take good care of my customers.
When the people get flu shots I will be very careful.
When people are good and brave I will give them a sticker or a book.
We all have pediatricians so don’t be scared I’ll be gentle.
All of us kids have a dream.
My customers  will have to be nice for me to nice.

This is the best dream ever.
My Dream
By; Animator…..
My dream is to become a Maple Animator.
A Animator’s job is to do
You see animation on movies,
Stop motion,
And yourself.
You must take time,
And imagination.
To put the best into your animation.
You can put sentences,
To add to your animation. (just nothing inaproppiate)
Make something laughable,
 Animations to your time of the day.
No copying,
Use your own mind and thoughts.
If your doing this for Fame and money,
Just stop.
We do this to teach ourselves
New stuffs,
Each day.

My Dream
By: Halo Grayes
My dream is to be a president of the United States of America. When I’m president, I want to talk about myself. I want to talk about how May 27th is my birthday, I am 5 years old, and I had cake. I want to talk about it on a microphone. I want to help people have better hair. I want everyone to treat each other nicely.

I also want to be a doctor, a nurse, and a dentist. I want to be a doctor and help people not throw up. I want to be a nurse so that I can help people’s breath smell nice. I want to help people brush their teeth and brush my own teeth.

My dream is to make America a better place because I want us to be treated the same way. I want my birthday to be a national holiday. I want other people to know me because I want to be president. That has been my dream since I was 5 years old. I’d love to be a president because I want to live in the White House and I think it will be fun. And I really don’t have to do anything but be friendly and welcome people. I would do all the work I have to do to be the president of the United States of America. Work hard to earn a lot of money and save it. When I finally working in the White House I’m going get a new job. I’ m going work at a restaurant.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Six Ways of Looking at a Snowflake

Six Ways of Looking at a Snowflake
By: Tyler G.
I can see a snowflake by a river
it looks like a cloud that’s making snowflakes.
I can see a snowflake in my magnifying glass
and it looks like a silly giraffe hanging on his leg.
I can see a snowflake by Ms. Jane’s glasses
and it looks like a funny astronaut
driving his rocket the wrong way.
I can see a snowflake by a mirror
and it looks like a block that is
flipping by itself.
I can see a snowflake by a window
and it looks like rain
and it looks like a leaping frog.

I can see a snowflake by a light
and it looks like a shining star
and it looks like a funny cloud.

Six Ways of Looking at a Snowflake
Observe it as it falls from the sky
And then onto your tongue
Watch as it falls onto your fingers
And melt from the warmth
Study it as it falls onto your coat
And see the different shapes of each flake
Gaze upon the pure white land of cold
And appreciate the beauty and sight of winter
Inspect each individual footprint on the snow
And imagine the different kinds of people who walked in this chilly weather
Judge the size and height of the snow over the night

And wonder if school will be cancelled tomorrow

8 ways to look at a snowflake

Lick it
Eat it
Bake it
Cook it
Boil it
Fry it
Deep fry it

Enjoy it!

Six Ways of Looking at a Paper Snowflake
By Ms. Jane

Fold the square into a triangle
and the triangle into a small triangle.
Don’t forget the small triangle,
believe me.
Hold the foldy side in your hand and cut parallel
to the not-foldy side.
Make sure the strips are wide enough, and even.
Cut not quite to the middle, but almost.
When finished cutting, open.

Hold the two middle points in your hand
and loop them onto themselves.

Do this with the rest of the strips,
alternating sides.

Now do this five more times.
When you have your six sides,
staple them together one by one,
first in the middle, then on the side-strips.

Add a string to hang it up,
and a light in the middle if you want to.

I got good at snowflakes as a solitary kid
working my way through a pastel memo cube
while I listened to The Doors
and it rained.
Both as sad
and not as sad as it seems.


It was raining the day I delivered the neighbors’ snowflakes
so I wrapped them in Acme bags
inside their fancy bags
and closed them into screen door
as non-invasively as possible.
One neighbor,
I didn’t even know her name yet
only her generous window art—
last spring she named a kite after me
I was a kite for months.


Where you were, a paper snowflake.
Where you were, playlists I can no longer stand to hear.
Where you leaned against the wall,
Where you typed in your number,
Where I checked and rechecked and too-many-checked what you meant.
Where we were, paper snowflake,
one corner out of six, unfinished, finished.


In February, they were North Stars,
all lit up and glowing in the window,
where you waved like a Muppet once
when you saw me walking down the street.
I loved you in that window, like the LED lights flashing
like the books lovingly selected
and sadheartedly returned.


How to get over it:
explain how to do it, step by step.

Cut, and fold, and cut.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Tribute to Veterans


I Love Veterans by Rasir

There so awesome
They are the best
They are so cool
They take care of us
They are strong

Veterans Day by Amir

Thank you for the serves you have served for our state and country. 
I am glad you have fought for our lives and homes. 
You have gave us great hope and trust. 
You deserve to be treated with great respect and honor.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Things We Are Thankful For

Thankful     mustapha
What Am I Thankful For?
I’m thankful for my mother, who has always taken care of me.
I’m thankful for Grandma because she makes me cookies.
I’m thankful for having a phone.
I’m thankful for my grandfather.
I’m thankful for my dad.
I’m thankful for having a house.
I’m thankful for having food and clothing.
I’m thankful for the library.
I’m thankful for having for having 3ds.
I’m thankful for having sims freeplay.
I’m thankful for having life.
I’m thankful for going to school.
I’m thankful for myself.
I’m thankful for my family.
I’m thankful for my dad having a job.
I’m thankful for my mom because she helps me with my homework.

The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Tyler G.
I am thankful for God for taking care of us.
I am thankful for our parents giving us birth!
I am thankful for our parents giving us love.
I am thankful to my dad for being kind to me!
I am thankful for my mommy teaching me how to do stuff.
I am thankful for my family for taking good care of me!
I am thankful for my sister who is taking care of me and I take care of her.
I am thankful for God for giving me good good care of my family and loving me.
I am thankful for my mommy for giving me so many surprises.
I am thankful for God for making me a new home.
I am thankful to the world for good people who don’t litter.
I am thankful for the people who are taking care of this world.
I am thankful for people in this world who say hi to me.
I am thankful for everyone who takes care of me.
I am thankful for my dad for driving me to school.
I am thankful for God for loving us and taking care of us.
I am thankful for all of these people who are good and don’t say mean words or smoke.
I am thankful for God for making my friends that play with me.
I am thankful for my mommy for helping me clean up my room.
I am thankful for God for giving us a new home and birth.

                                  These are the things I’m thankful for
By Adam R.
1.     My life because some  babies  could not be babies because they died
2.     My mom for always making me happy when I’m sad
3.     My dad  for always making me happy
4.     My family  for always being there
5.     My friends for playing with me
6.     My house because some people don’t have things
7.     My GOD  because I love my god with alllllllllllllllllllllllll my LIFE
8.     My close because  homeless people don’t have thing like I do
9.     Chicken because chicken=LIFE  J  J  J
10.      Minecraft because I love this game
11.      Steak  because steak=LIFE   J J J
12.      Life because if life was not here I wouldn’t be made ????
13.      Knowing  how to read because some people can’t read
14.      Knowing how to write because some people can’t go to school and learn
15.      Knowing how to do math because some people don’t know how
16.      Going to school  some people can go to school
17.       How to read  because some people don’t know how   
18.       Seeing  because some people can’t see
19.       Hearing because some people can’t see
20.      Walking because some people can’t walk

I am thankful for all the people I’m around right now.                

I am thankful for all the things my family done for me.

I am thankful for the way people treat me.

I am thankful for my parents giving me birth

I am thankful for god taking care of me.

I am thankful for life taking me with it.

I am thankful for my parents feeding me.

I am thankful for my parents giving me a home.

I am thankful for the precious people who use productive things.

I am thankful for all my friends making sure I was alright when I was down.

I am thankful for the things I have been given.

I am thankful for the people who help me with hard things.

I am thankful for the nice things people say.
I am thankful for the things I have went through with my family alone.

I am thankful for the outings me and my family went to.

I am thankful for having friends that are kind and nice.

I am thankful for my little sister being by my side.

I am thankful for my family being there when I need then.

I am thankful for Jane being there for me.

I am thankful I have a friend named Adam

I am thankful for everyone being here!!!                                                           
The Things I'm Thankful For
By: Jakiyha P.

I am thank full my mom cause she takes care of me and feed me and buy me stuff
MY dad cause he takes care of me and buys me sneakers and cloths and more stuff
I am thank full for my whole family because they love me for me and for the stuff I do if I do a bad thing they still love me 
MY grandmom and my other grandmom because they are still alive and that nothing happens to them
I am thank full for god protecting everyone in the world
I am thank full for food on everyone’s table and cloths on their bodies
I am thank full for school and having an education and teachers to help us learn math science and reading and history
I am thank ful for God bringing me on this earth
AND my mom and dad making me and bringing me into this world and teaching me how to tie my shoes and they put me into school to learn teach me how to use the bathroom and to save me from danger and keep me going in the right direction
I am thank full for GOD who keeps us out of danger that know can die or get hurt 
I am thank full for my parents and my grandparents my brothers and sisters my cousins and my uncles aunts and  friends and family
I am thank full for my dad for giving me a iPhone and I am thank full for my mom for getting me good sneakers books pencils  a lot of stuff school supplies
I am thank full for my friends for being there for me when I am sad and when I get into a fight they calm me down
I am thank full for my parents because they got me and my brother a dog her name is Missy Parker
I am thank full for my dog Missy cause she loves to eat she protects my house and she is a little dog but she has a loud voice so people is scared of her
I am thank full for GOD cause GOD put me on this earth to be good work hard go to school learn and then go home play sleep eat do a lot of stuff
I am thank full for schools and teachers teaching us a lot of work that we have to know cause when we go to high school and college
I am thankful for GOD for giving everyone clothes and food houses or a apartment money jobs families
I am thankful for the books in the library and the work we get at school and our parents and our friends.

Twenty Things I’m Grateful For
I am grateful for the art that just keeps coming and coming.
I am grateful for my cat Frannie who sleeps by my face.
I am grateful for my cat Sally who sits next to me while I write.
I am grateful for my niece, the youngest member of the Acceptance Coalition.
I am grateful for my nephews, who always want to talk politics.
I am grateful for the library, where all the love and kindness lives.
I am grateful for smiling at beautiful people, which is everyone.
I am grateful that Pokémon Go helped me get over my fear of crossing the street.

I am grateful for all of the ways that I have a voice.
I am grateful for yelling at awesome protests.
I am grateful for friends who march with me and friends who are quiet.
I am grateful that the new Gilmore Girls season is coming!
I am grateful for Christmas shopping with my sister.
I am grateful for books and music and TV.
I am grateful for Steven Universe and wine.
I am grateful for singing in the car and in the yoga 

I am grateful that I am me.

20 things I’m thankful for!

1.I’m thankful for Pokemon Go!

2. I’m thankful for money

3. I’m thankful for the WIFI

4. I’m thankful for food

5. I’m thankful for the 20 things I’m thankful for

6. I’m thankful for art.

7. I’m thankful for anime

8. I’m thankful for books

10. I’m thankful for the CLOTHES I BEEN GIVEN


12. I am thankful for my phone\

13. I am thankful for the time I have been given to come to the library

14. I am thankful for Christmas

15. I am thankful for the games that has been created this year.

16. I am thankful for the people who hasn’t judge other people by their faces

17. I am thankful for the people who i=gnores me

18. I am thankful for friends.

19. I am thankful for the time I was given TO GO TOSLEEP.

20. I am thankful for pokemon to be created.